Scrabble Board Game

scrabble board game

Scrabble board game could be a favorite game that is played with two to four people. We have to form words on the board and then racing to gain more points than the other. The words are arranged in this game is adjusted to the standard dictionary. Besides just playing with friends this game can also contested as a tournament or championship.

Craft for Kids

craft for kids

Craft for kids featured here is unique, shown here a plastic cup-like duck with some decorations. What is special about this craft that is able to quack sounds. Decorations include the googly eyes, beak, and feathers looks like a duck. Small pieces of sponge tied on strings what make the sound of quack of this craft, which makes different from other craft. Introducing the craft from an early age to kids, making skill and intelligence increases.

Educational Games

educational games

Educational games make children’s abilities may be more skilled. One way is to play ‘Dominoes’. Large and sturdy cards totaling 28 cards, the children become more comfortable and free to play. The development of skills they are counting numbers to 10, eye-hand co-ordination, observation skills, and problem solving skills. Without the necessary reading skills, they can match the problem with counting and colors. Beginning with a matching color, then count the points listed on the card, the development of their abilities will be faster than other children. Only $ 11.45 you get to order it learnheaps.

Educational Toys

educational toys

Educational toys not only help educate our children, but can also increase social skills with other children. With educational toys our children are more creative, because our children are indirectly stimulated to try new things. Give a puzzle that fit with our child’s age. They will feel proud if you can solve the puzzle that we provide. And it is great for helping hand eye coordination and memory of our children. When compared with other toys, it’s much cheaper and more important. In fact, educational toys are more fun and our children will be more comfortable playing.

Puzzle for Kids


Puzzle for kids on top of this is a simple maze that can train the intelligence of children. This maze can be started from a red arrow labeled ‘Enter’. Then our children attempted to find a way out get to the other red arrow labeled ‘Exit’.