Puzzle for Kids


Puzzle for kids on top of this is a simple maze that can train the intelligence of children. This maze can be started from a red arrow labeled ‘Enter’. Then our children attempted to find a way out get to the other red arrow labeled ‘Exit’.


Word puzzle for kids that enrich the vocabulary presented here make children more familiar with new words. They become happy when studying with this word puzzle.



Math puzzle kids featured here is one way to facilitate the children when learning arithmetic. The trick is easy, just use the numbers from 1 to 16, but each of these numbers can only be used once.



Printable puzzle for kids illustrated clowns face with various expressions intended for children can distinguish their expression among each other. The rule is: Can the children find how many clowns have a sad expression in this printable puzzle?

One thought on “Puzzle for Kids”

  1. i have given the math puzzle to my Math Club at school, and not a single person was able to solve it, not even after being put in groups. i myself cannot solve it nor any teacher. i was wondering where i can find the solution to the math problem.

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